Born to Love You is a musical portrait of a New Jersey dreamer who spends the day musing about his life's purpose or lack thereof. This short emerged from a collaboration with musical artist Nedelle Torrisi to feature her music in a short documentary-style music video. The concept of the music video was expanded to create this short film, which screened in New York at the Nitehawk Cinema shorts film festival.
A short film about Future Islands and their catapult to international fame after releasing the album “Singles”.
A humorous interpretation of Van Gogh's infamous gift to his girlfriend.
In late spring of 2014, Creative Time presented the first large-scale public project by Kara Walker, one of the most important artists of our era. Sited in the sprawling industrial relics of Brooklyn’s legendary Domino Sugar Factory, Walker’s physically and conceptually expansive installation—a massive, sugar-coated sphinx-like woman—responded to the building and its history.
Brian and Jonathan are two best friends who don't realize that they are stuck in Baltimore. Going wherever the day takes them, they write poetry, bicker over girls, and almost murder each other as only best friends get to do. They're at the height of their friendship-but with their thirties just around the corner, how much longer will it last?
A short film about a mysterious dinner party made as part of a residency at The Clocktower Gallery. Starring Ed Schrader and Deviln Rice.
Installation video depicting Jeff Koons piece "Split-Rocker" in Rockefeller Center as part of the artist's retrospective at The Whitney Museum. Presented by Gagosian and organized by the Public Art Fund and Tishman Speyer, Split-Rocker is a spectacular planted form that towers over thirty-seven feet high and features over fifty thousand flowering plants.
Filmed in Raymond Pettibon's NY studio.
Filmed during Nick Cave's exhibition in Grand Central Station.
Short comedic film starring Gabe Koplowitz as Giorgio Moroder.
Jay Buim's short film documentary debut featuring sign spinners promoting various housing developments in Los Angeles. Includes interviews with two different sign spinners and their experience on the job.