Ed Schrader's Music Beat - European Moons. Shot in the Cold War Diefenbunker Museum in Ottawa.
Motez - The Vibe. Shot on location at the Furry Convention in Atlanta, GA.
Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Riddles. Shot in Baltimore, MD.
Dave Heumann - Here in The Deep. Shot in Baltimore, MD.
College - Save The Day. Shot at Jay's house and surrounding areas in The Catskills, NY.
Future Islands - Seasons. Shot at ranches and local haunts in Oklahoma.
Future Islands - A Song for Our Grandfathers. Filmed in North Carolina.
Future Islands - Balance. Shot in New Jersey.
Future Islands - Beauty Of The Road.
Future Islands - Grease. Filmed on tour with the band.
Future Islands - Tin Man. Shot in Baltimore, MD and in various North Carolina locations.
Your Youth - Diamond. Shot in Brooklyn, NY.
Shy Child - Open Up the Sky.
The Sea and Cake - Harps. Shot in New Jersey.
The Death Set - I Miss You Beau Velasco.
The Sads - Miniature Moons. Shot in Los Angeles, CA.